Creative Services & Graphic Design

For everything from impactful product launches to unforgettable engagement campaigns, we create inspirational messaging, memorable brand experiences and everything in between. But what makes us stand out is; we do it smarter. Understanding customer insight and innovation, we deliver work that is as measurably effective as it is creative. Work that doesn't just catch attention but inspires engagement, nurtures deep relationships and gets people talking, responding and buying.


Prepress is the term to describe all of the processes that occur before printing and finishing.

We ensure that your print materials come out perfectly with our pre-press services. Expert graphic designers, proof readers, and typesetters create accurate and effective designs before your project goes into print layout and final printing. It is invaluable to be consistent across all your materials to maintain a consistent brand message.

e-Commerce Solutions

Our objective is to assist our client's to seamlessly deliver their brand to market. Power up our e-Commerce platform WaiveNET to drive innovation, access user-friendly business software solutions and deliver continuous improvement and results across your organisation. With a customised approach, we implement a range of user-friendly business management and e-commerce solutions to suit your business requirements. Providing access to transparency, productivity, reporting and an ease of doing business across your organisation.

When everyone in an organisation has the power at their fingertips to ask and find answers immediately, incredible things can happen.

Turbo charge your business & build your own platform of customised solutions.

Web to Print

Our Web to Print solutions provide a feature-rich way for customers to order print, while streamlining order input and production tasks for digital production.

It allows our clients to submit digital jobs, get pricing automatically with no estimator intervention via a built-in pricing engine, request quotes, approve and buy jobs, along with sophisticated catalogue and variable data applications.

A truly end-to-end workflow from the document creation point through production and delivery.

Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of any marketing activity and we believe it is our capabilities in this area that makes us stand out.

Utilising latest database analysis technologies with the ability to manipulate large amounts of data and smarter analytical tools to spot relationships and patterns. Our qualitative and quantitative reporting on all projects undertaken is to ensure the resulting information gleaned from your database meets both present and future requirements.

The integrity and accuracy of customers and prospects names and address details are crucial to the success of direct marketing campaigns.

Variable Data Printing

A form of digital printing, including on-demand printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file source. A perfect fit for your brand direct marketing piece, maintain customer relationship and personalising that special advertising campaign.

Benefits of personalised variable data printing for your business are one on one targeted sales messages, personal loyalty campaigns, increased sales lead generation and improved sales revenue by driving direct advertising through specific client data.

Make it personal as everyone is unique, with personalised data, your print jobs become unique too.

Digital Printing

High quality and stunning customised digital printing that is executed quickly and flawlessly. Digital printing is extremely flexible, affordable for small and large runs, delivering quality work from black & white to large format print jobs and small personalised jobs. This capability opens up a world of creative possibilities that allow your marketing team to design truly customised brand communications that engage customers on an individual level.

Using our state-of-the-art presses, you can create stunningly vivid pieces that wow your customers.

Secure Printing

We fully understand the importance for the need of security and therefore have innovative solutions that service the market expectations. Utilising specialist print techniques to ensure the integrity of your work and more importantly your brand.

Providing a complete range of printing services and are experts in printing onto all sub straights including parchment paper, security paper, and offset paper.

Offset Printing

From start to finish perfection, your brand piece will stand out. We can bind by hand or machine so your piece is dressed to impress. Moreover, throughout the entire process, our experienced and detail-obsessed quality control team ensures that each piece is consistent, accurate and wow-worthy.

Offset printing is a different process than digital printing; offset printing is a more traditional method of printing that uses plates to complete the printing process. Although there is more involved in the set-up costs, once the presses are rolling the cost reduces per item, the more you buy the less expensive your offset printing will be. Offset print is a very cost-effective way to produce large runs of high quality colour pieces, making it ideal for anyone who relies on printed materials to accurately convey their brand to the world.

The end-result is stunning print quality and a lasting impression.

Hot Foiling

Some like it hot!

Inspire grandeur, create and decorate using the hot foiling process. Hot foil stamping is the process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil or holograms to materials such as light papers, carton board, laminated board, plastics and corrugated board.

Hot foil can be applied to rough label stocks and textured papers, and even together with an emboss. The process is used on a wide range of products to create decorative finishes and hot foil are available in a wide array of colours and reflectivity.

Cold Foiling

Some like it cold!

Adding the cold foil process to your printed product is an effective way to enhance the quality of your brand and your product. Cold foil must be applied to completely smooth and flat label materials and it is done in-line with the printing process and subject to the foil, adhesive and UV lamp quality can be applied at extremely high speeds. The "die" is a printing plate that is made at the same time as the printing plates for the rest of the job, quick, efficient and a stunning finish.

Book Publishing

Be Prepared For The Journey Ahead. Have Your Book Published With Us!

Soft cover, hard cover, colour, black and white, and so much more. Choose from the widest range of print book formats available, and make exactly the book you want – including photo books and calendars.

Finishing & Bindery

Whether it's elegant foiling or case binding, our high-quality finishes leave a lasting impression. A great print job is not complete without a perfect finish. Waratah Group has invested in the very latest binding and finishing technology to deliver the most comprehensive finishing options.

Point of Sale

Point of sale displays can be a simple piece and range to very complex and multi-functional pieces and we can offer our expertise and experience to ensure you always receive a quality result.

Our unique team of experts create high quality pieces that are designed to be unique and to keep your brand front and centre and stand out amongst the crowd.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Outsourcing your warehousing and 3PL requirements provides you with increased savings on capital expenditure, allowing you to manage and grow your core business. Our secure storage and co-ordination of your inventory provides access to your own stock 24/7 in real time, providing any reportable data to your desktop. A warehousing environment that is flexible and scalable to grow with your business requirements.

Your inventory and reporting is at your fingertips, a virtual warehouse at your desktop.


Our approach is to find new and innovative ways to gain more value, improve logistics movements and reduce costs and headaches across your distribution supply chain. We understand the importance of accurate and timely despatches and the requirement for real time information, and will provide you with a distribution and reporting solution that suits your business model.

Our distribution methodology is to implement the processes required by your business and to ensure that our delivery methods fit within your business rules and financial budgets.

Pick & Pack and Fulfilment

Customised on-line ordering, inventory management, tracking and reporting system providing authorised access 24/7 – guaranteeing your orders are processed in real time, picked, packed and despatched accurately while providing full transparency around order placement, reporting and tracking capabilities.

Experience, people and well refined processes allows us to seamlessly perform any fulfilment or pick and pack activity. We employ the most efficient and effective methods. Our packing team is equipped to handle even the most complex fulfilment requirement; from real time on-line orders through to bulk pick and pack of point of sale and marketing campaigns. Our campaign area can fulfil major full scale campaign projects that require dozens or thousands of items to be kitted, packaged and sent to individual locations.

Supply Chain Management

Providing the expertise and implementing e-commerce solutions and marketing supply chain solutions that provide transparent and seamless workflows - from inception to delivery. We create a strategic and engaging brand journey, delivering a unique value proposition to you and your customers. By engaging an expert in supply chain management, your brand story and your marketing materials will be delivered out to the marketplace faster, more cost effectively and with greater efficiency. Waratah Group are your complete supply chain resource.


Mailing and fulfilment services for direct mail, order fulfilment, mail distribution, plastic wrapping and database management. We offer experience, commitment, and that personal touch, blended with the benefits that an innovative growing company provides.

Both intelligent and non-intelligent inserting equipment are used within our operation. We offer intelligent inserting which extends the customisation of selective inserts utilising computer and optical scanning technology. This machine intelligently collates and inserts package contents based on individual database records.

Driven by database attributes beyond the basic address, each individual consumer package can contain inserts and information that meets the customer's specific profile and needs.


In addition to our premium quality and custom printing solutions, we create the ideal packaging for any kind of product.

No matter the product, visually attractive packaging triggers a part of our brain, turning a pleasing appearance into a positive brand feeling.

We are a design-to-order business and our packaging engineers work alongside our network of designers to ensure your unique brand is a packaging standout. Let us create an intuitive and innovative packaging design solution for you.